My name is Anibal (aka Green Zob, A. Mittermayer) and I was born in Santo Tirso, Portugal (Oporto district), class of 82'. I´m an audio producer, web and graphic designer/developer and an IT technician. I have been working with audio since 2004, working with web/print since 2010 and "exploring" the computer world since very young.

During the years I had the opportunity to work and develop many personal skills within these areas, like website design and development, book, catalog and brochure design/pagination, video capture and editing, audio production, hardware and software maintenance, Apache web-servers, etc. I like to meddle with machines but, on my free time, I also enjoy being outdoors and practice activities like trekking, camping, sight-seeing, climbing, photography, reading and anything that involves animals!

Feel free to email me if you are interested in my CV, Resume or if you have a project proposition to discuss. At the moment you can find me in the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

Best regards,

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