Green Zob – “13.3 Billion Light Years”

13.3 Billion Light Years An original and unreleased track inspired by the most further image of the universe ever captured by human technology. Green Zob – “13.3 Billion Light Years”.

“Kawaii” – Augen

Kawaii Songs that lead us to a look almost dreamlike embryonic world, nature will always operate independently of human cycles. A look from the moss from the morning dew, a calm look on the rush of the world and their archetypes through ambient techno sounds sometimes dark but will view with clarity of thought. Augen […]

Green Zob – “L´Amaro”

L´Amaro Dedicated to a friend, Marta Amaro (1982-2012). You will be missed, you will always be with us! May your body rest in peace, may your soul fly high in the skies… Green Zob – “L´Amaro”